20 November 2007

Stephen Fry

Absolutely no-one else could begin a post like this:

"How difficult, how exquisitely difficult it is to know where to begin . . ."

and not seem terribly pretentious, but then Stephen Fry can - (begin  a post like this rather than seem pretentious I mean)

and what a delight his new blog is - he is one of those people who you can "hear saying the words" as you read what he has written

Go read

09 February 2007

Music dominates worship?

A modern worship leader using a guitar and a software based overhead projection system to lead a contemporary worship song.Thoughtful post from Chris Erdman about how music dominates worship.

What is interesting is [as some of the comments make clear] that it applies as much to the very "traditional" congregation with historic organ and robed choir as it does to the very "contemporary" forms of worship where the title "worship leader" has evolved to apply to the principal musician who provides quasi-theological/prayerful introductions while the rest of the musicians find the next piece of music or the techie sorts the video projector.

 This latter phenomenon is reinforced in so many churches that there is even a magazine dedicated to the newly defined role

07 October 2006

Blog anniversary

Four years ago today I started blogging - at a local internet cafe - to a closed group of 6 friends - on an archaic piece of unstable software which I recall as netway2 - strictly words only and it took 24 hours to post what was written - but we thought it wonderful and had little idea that it would lead to today's reality.

What is amazing (given how widely blogging has developed) is how it remains either a closed or misunderstood world.

As one computer savvy person said to me some weeks back " you don't seem the sort of person that would keep a diary" - after some prompting he googled "Bigbulkyanglican" - commented that he thought he had to have the blog software himself to access a blog - and a whole new world was opened up.

Nigel Wright has offered a great post on what blogging has meant to him here

and just for fun have a look at this little rant about blogging/googling at the Daily Mail there is a wonderful comment about the dangers of blogging

"Thank God for one brave and fearless voice speaking out against the tide of mediocre thinking and blatant pornography. that is the so-called "world-wide-web". My grandaughter was convinced to try this "googling" of which you speak by a schoolfriend and now she is pregnant. What I want to know is, what is this Government going to do about this nonsense, especially now foppish young Cameron has revealed it to be one of his unseemly passions? In my day, such an admission would have been a resignation matter. I'm disgusted.
- Nordelius, Bristol, UK"

I think I must sum it up by saying " I thank God for blogging" and I have yet to try "googling" and am obviously missing out on the chance of getting pregnant!

10 February 2006

Brokebank Mountain

_brokebackonesheet45As the least film-going member of my family,  I tend to go when they need a lift, or I have nothing else to do, the others decide I need to get away from Vicaring for evening.

Then all of sudden several films are released which awaken my attention, and I resolve to get to see them even it means going to den of neglect which is the Keighley Picture house ( imagine cinemas just before they closed down in the early 80s and you get the picture/decor/staff enthusiasm.

Now a film's  success might be measured by golden globes or oscars - but we as a family have a much more mudance indicator of success - how often I fall asleep during the film. I am pleased to report that Brokebank Mountain is the first for a very long time that I haven't fallen asleep in - and award which should be placed alongside the many Oscars that are predicted for it.

So what makes it so special. Well get beyond the Gay Western tag, and consider it a protrait of a relationship set within the context of societal values which pressure both men to marry (with the conseuqent regrets and problems particularly for the children), and which inhibit any real celebration of real feelings of love for fear of having your head smashed in.

But the plot is so much more complex than that which is what makes the film so intriguing - and perhaps it is a film which could only have been made by a Director who by his own confession was oblivious to some of the religious themes and Christian opposition/reaction which have  followed its wide circulation.

For a more sophisticated film buffs  perspective see here  - but do go and see it. Oh and the soundtrack and is great as well, and the scenery is wonderful.